Awesome Clothing Tips For Women

A woman who is happy and starting to set ready for Going out but then a big problem arises about what to wear. Despite having a stall of clothes and shoes, nothing seems to fit, and nothing seems to be satisfying. This is a major problem for most of the women out there who are always worried about what to wear and how to match. Following are some fashion tips which could be followed to solve all such sort of problems and could help you to look good and feel good

1. Old things must go!

Just accumulating a pile of old-fashioned clothes in thought that they will be needed sometimes creates a real mess because they will never be worn and also makes your cupboard an old fashioned storehouse. Get rid of all old clothes to make your cupboard new-fashioned and color coordinated.

2. Big event coming? Shop with a plan

Whenever going out on shopping for a big event of your life that might be your marriage or some other memorable event, always try to look at the bigger picture. Go to the shopping with a proper haircut, shoes and good makeup so when trying on a new outfit you could imagine how will you look with that specific outfit.

 3. Extend the life of your cashmere

Cashmere fabric is really nice fabric and needs to be handled with care to make it long lasting. When buying a cashmere fabric always check the material and its quality. Prefer thick knitted garments and do stretching test. If it passes the test, it is a good type of cashmere fabric.

4. Stretch new shoes painlessly:

Most of the time new shoes causes a foot wound which results in permanent scar mark on the foot. To stretch the new shoes, there are multiple methods. Try to involve any of the methods to stretch the new shoes that are easy and do not damage the shoes e.g. by keeping the shoes in the freezer for overnight or filling them with freezer bags filled with water could really stretch the new shoes.
5. Dress it up in a couple of seconds – bow tie, clip-on earrings with flats

The bow tie is a thing that suits a lot on almost all of the costumes and when combined with flats along with the clip on earrings on them makes it a perfect combination and a perfect longer day costume.
6. Be smart when you buy a jacket

Whenever going for purchasing a jacket, blazer, and coats one should always follow one rule: If any jacket, blazer, and the coat fit your shoulders then it is made perfectly for you, but if this is not the case leave the jacket at the store.

7. The rules of showing skin

There are some set rules for showing the skin that determine how much skin should be left naked to expose. The one and only rule for showing skin is that should always be followed is that show only one body part at a time. Showing too much of it could diminish the mystery behind clothes.

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